4:30AM. Adverbs

At 4:30 this morning I woke unexpectedly, thinking I’d heard a crash. I was in the midst of some terribly complex and intriguing dream which involved some sort of epic scavenger hunt, undertaken by aliens and hobbits and lightning bug/human hybrids and geeks. I think the crash was actually within my dream, not from the […]


Apparently I..switched to WordPress. It’s been awhile since I poked around a new blogging platform. Let’s see how this goes. I will say that installing WordPress was ridiculously easy, compared to the hours and days of head-scratching that Movable Type inspired.

Emails to myself,

When spring starts, and it’s suddenly in the 30s and snowy after nice weather, well, then it’s time to clean out the ol’ inbox. I have a habit of emailing myself things that I need to remember, or to check on later. Only sometimes I can’t remember what it was I needed to remember. I’m […]


Well, damn. Yesterday was the final day of 2009, and I finished up my Project 365. Although I was most uninspired at times – seriously, when it gets dark at four and you leave work at six, how inspired can you be? – but I actually finished my lone goal of 2009, as put into […]

Making a list

Not a Christmas list. Instead, I’m making a slew of half-finished lists of plans, dreams, goals for the next year. I just need to get them all down on paper, instead of bouncing around my skull. But I have ideas, things that I most certainly want to accomplish.

Three months in photos, part III

The weather turned crisp, the heat kicked in, and I made borscht for the first time of the season. (It was delicious.) A ridiculously ostentatious rainbow hung around outside my window at work, and I lusted after an assortment of yarn. There were more football games, including one chilly game back in our old seats […]

Three months in photos, part II

I finally finished knitting myself a pair of socks, and they fit perfectly. Later that week I wore them in public. The days started getting noticeably shorter. Coincidentally, football season began and I had to get used to sitting on the “wrong” side of the field. I plucked cupfuls of basil from my garden, and […]

Identity crisis

My first name is very common, and my full name is somewhat common. Years ago I was picking through stacks of family photo albums and my partially filled in baby book, and came across my parents’ list of potential names for me. It was a bizarre moment to realize that I could have been saddled […]

Three months in photos, part I

So what have I been doing in the last three months? Well… I went to see the Roadside Graves & the Rural Alberta Advantage. The concert was outside at the Memorial Union which meant that it was free, and I could watch from behind the stage. I was captivated by the stage lights hitting the […]


Through some sort of mystical trickery (or just plain dedication), I have somehow managed to go through my backlog of photos up to the current date. That’s right – for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a minimum of a month behind on photos. But as of today, I am up to date. […]

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