I am a dork


The thing about me, the thing that I often forget until it’s staring me in the face, is that I have ridiculous levels of willpower. I let myself believe that I can’t do something, or I half-heartedly start on an endeavor only to give up when it isn’t convenient. It’s easier to think that something’s […]

(Partial) Success!

I upgraded my Movable Type from 3.2 to 4 point…something. I’d been kicking the idea around for awhile, but usually an upgrade involves a lot of hair-pulling, quizzical looks at my monitor, and threatening of ftp. Since I had previously backed up my entire website in the event of having to switch hosts and load […]


I think I forgot I had a blog. I also think that I hate this style; time for a redesign?

Yet another knitting related post

Today I have determined that I really am a “knitter,” because I went to Joann’s to pick up another knitting needle (needles? It was a circular needle, therefore it was only one piece.. hmm.) I needed a #7 needle/s, and had a coupon, so I might as well make a trip today. When I got […]

Glossy joy

Today I was reacquainted with one of those simple facts that I keep forgetting. That is, libraries have magazines. Scores and scores of magazines. Glossily organized. Alphabetical. Also, they have back issues. When I worked in the library I would often take a couple issues and read them on slow shifts, or show up a […]

Things about me.

It alarms me, when folding two weeks’ worth of laundry, that I only have seven pairs of socks. Apparently I re-wear socks more often than I thought. I can never tell who babies look like. Or if siblings look alike, unless there’s something creepily clone like about them. Or if parent/child look alike. I just […]