4:30AM. Adverbs

At 4:30 this morning I woke unexpectedly, thinking I’d heard a crash. I was in the midst of some terribly complex and intriguing dream which involved some sort of epic scavenger hunt, undertaken by aliens and hobbits and lightning bug/human hybrids and geeks. I think the crash was actually within my dream, not from the depths of my apartment. (At least, so I hoped.)

“This would make a fantastic movie,” I thought, “if only I were more well versed in science fiction, I could get it right!” Apparently in my sleep I am familiar with the sorts of otherworldly beings that populate science fiction novels and movies. My waking self? Not so much. Our heroes were a hopeless bunch of geeks, with determination on their side. Totally a cliche.

I should write this down, I knew. I could turn on the light, and jot it all down in my journal. But, no. I could pick up the phone beside my head, type it all furiously out. But then that would cancel my amazing sleep cycle app, currently on night #99, charting my every fitful sleeping spell, every out-like-a-log night.

Instead I laid there, attempting to commit every detail to memory before wafting off into sleep again. I failed. All I’m left with is the bizarre imagery of a faintly Tinkerbell-looking creature, floating between pine trees. I really should try and dream more often.

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