At the beginning of the year, I made a quick list of goals for the year – thirteen in total. (I have mentioned this before.) Of those thirteen, I’ve fully accomplished three and am on track to finish six more.  There was the ridiculously attainable item (“Knit a fucking shawl!” Guess what? I’ve knit TWO fucking shawls!), and there were things that’re hard to define as complete/not complete. There was one thing I put down as a quasi joke, not thinking it would be one of the first to be checked off, but guess what? I did it. One of the last things on my list is what I’m tackling now: to make either a Life List, or a 30 by 30 list.

Earlier this week I hit my half birthday, which means I’m a scant eighteen months from turning the supposedly-dreaded thirty. And the idea of sitting down and writing a huge list of Things To Achieve In Life just sounds… awful to me. So, instead I’m taking the week to compile a list of things that I would ideally like to do in the next year and a half. I deal best with shorter deadlines, so this seems like the wiser solution.

So far, it’s chock full of travel goals both grand and small (hello, irrational desire to go to Iowa!), and a few things that have been swiped from my 2010 list simply due to time constraints. Since my hard-to-call-complete goals have been the ones most likely to flounder this year, I’m making an effort to only list concrete things, nothing vague and easy to misinterpret. (This is particularly hard, since I adore writing vaguely. See: this post about goals, with hardly anything stated outright.) I’m still only at the halfway point, and I’m looking forward to seeing how my list shapes up.

I am a little worried that I’ll hit item #29, and then draw a blank. Because that’s totally the sort of thing I do.

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