The thing about me, the thing that I often forget until it’s staring me in the face, is that I have ridiculous levels of willpower. I let myself believe that I can’t do something, or I half-heartedly start on an endeavor only to give up when it isn’t convenient. It’s easier to think that something’s too hard than it is to just buckle down and do it.

Twenty-seven days ago, after nearly a month turning the idea over in my mind, I started Whole 30 and gave up dairy, grains, sugar and liquor. When I started, I fully expected to cave three days in, desperate for a slice of toast with my egg or goat cheese sprinkled on my salad. But I haven’t caved. Which means that it’s been twenty-seven days since I’ve had a beer, a slice of bread, or ice cream.

And it’s been awesome – I’m not starving at the end of the work day. I’m not getting major energy dips when the carbs wear off, or cravings for replacement carbohydrates. I’ve discovered that I like things that I always thought I hated – blueberries, mineral water – and learned that the advice to eat fruit when you want sugar really does work. It helps that cherries, one of my favorite fruits, are in season.

Basically I feel like I’ve been recalibrating my taste buds, which seems like such a ridiculous thing to say that I want to side-eye myself. But I won’t, because I’m still excited about new food combinations that I haven’t gotten to try yet and new products that I’ve tried and adore so much that they’ll make a routine appearance in my grocery cart. I have three more days until I can add items back in, but I’m not actively counting them down.

Now the biggest task is to remember this the next time I need to dig deep on willpower.

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