Three months in photos, part II

Green socks Socks in the wild!

I finally finished knitting myself a pair of socks, and they fit perfectly. Later that week I wore them in public.

Lens flare, orange sky I love this sign

The days started getting noticeably shorter. Coincidentally, football season began and I had to get used to sitting on the “wrong” side of the field.

Little basil leaf
Mass basil murder

I plucked cupfuls of basil from my garden, and finally made pesto. Shortly after completing the task I kicked myself for not doing so earlier.

Dan Wilson Meridene

Forward Music Fest flew by far too quickly.  I saw some amazing bands – ones I’d heard of, ones I hadn’t; ones I’ve seen before and ones I’ve been waiting eons to see.

Chicago at night Chicago at night

And I went to Chicago again, almost a month after the previous visit. This time for a multi-day conference wherein I got to stay in a fancypants hotel on the river.

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