Three months in photos, part III

Beet procurement Broth & Cabbage

The weather turned crisp, the heat kicked in, and I made borscht for the first time of the season. (It was delicious.)

Afternoon rainbow! Luscious yarn!

A ridiculously ostentatious rainbow hung around outside my window at work, and I lusted after an assortment of yarn.

Back in HH Bloody Mary

There were more football games, including one chilly game back in our old seats in the upper deck. Bittersweet, but a delicious bloody mary afterwards was most helpful.

Half-tunnel Backlit Gateway

A trip to Olbrich to catch some autumn foliage was thwarted by the fact that, well, none of the leaves had quite turned yet. The visit was saved by the glorious late-afternoon light….

Pathways Bridge to....

…and a sudden fixation on pathways.

Bouquet Sprinkle

A trip the following weekend was more helpful in terms of autumn color, but less so in perfect lighting. Alas.

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