Well, damn. Yesterday was the final day of 2009, and I finished up my Project 365. Although I was most uninspired at times – seriously, when it gets dark at four and you leave work at six, how inspired can you be? – but I actually finished my lone goal of 2009, as put into words here

I just haven’t, you know, edited photos from the last ten days. Also, I haven’t gotten around to updating my flickr pro, so you can’t see them all. BUT THEY’RE THERE. I TOOK (at least!) ONE PHOTO A DAY FOR A YEAR. The satisfaction from completing such a task is immense. Even if I did just take photo after photo of snow for a spell.

(Now I kind of want to giddily leave my camera at home for a week straight. That thing is heavy to lug around. Which was a wholly unanticipated side effect.)

Actually finishing a stated New Year’s goal has my mind all abuzz, so I’m sure over the course of the day I will come up with about thirty ideas for 2010. So far, I’ve only come up with ones with less of a day-to-day commitment.

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