Emails to myself,

When spring starts, and it’s suddenly in the 30s and snowy after nice weather, well, then it’s time to clean out the ol’ inbox. I have a habit of emailing myself things that I need to remember, or to check on later. Only sometimes I can’t remember what it was I needed to remember. I’m awful at deleting/archiving said emails, because I’m certain that one day I will remember the hidden meaning, so they languish in the depths of my inbox.

6/1/07: Sometimes I miss the old school Internet days, when it was perfectly acceptable to use blinking text.

6/6/07: The email was only this link to the Mason-Dixon knitting blog. That was the day I decided to knit that blanket for Yvette and Wade’s wedding.

1/23/08: Wisconsinmade cheese curds

6/23/08: check things online, sigg??, pic to shame Andy

5/19/09: this link to an AV Club Madison article about the website Beards from Below. (I like beards, but I forgot to go to this site before.)

6/21/09:  W.   Just the letter W.

11/19/09: test test 12:02pm

12/29/09: A link to this Madison Magazine article with a list of 62 things every Madisonian should do in 2010. I thought it might be a really interesting list of things I hadn’t heard of, yet rolled my eyes when I saw that the Frosiball was #1.  I’ve done 15 of the first 45, and on the “official” Madisonian checklist for items #46-62, I’ve done all but two, so eh.


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I hope you didn’t forget to visit!!!!

Posted by jon on 19 May 2010 @ 11am

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